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Sorry for the brief blogging hiatus, I'm doing TV journalism as part of my course at the moment and its pretty intense. I'm trying so hard to be more productive because I have so many exams and assignments due this summer (cue violins), but I want to try to make more time for blogging all the same!

A little vintage fair came to Bournemouth yesterday, and proceeds went to the Salvation Army Charity - everybody loves a good cause so it was pretty busy! The fair itself was named after 40s icon Rita Hayworth, and a lot of the items were very Rita-esque; full skirted dresses, midi skirts and mid heeled court shoes.

The thing I love about vintage fairs is how there are so many clothes scattered around that you can barely move. Part of the fun is rifling through to find the things you want. I bought a vintage Cerruti 1881 silk scarf and a pink belt, which came to a fiver altogether, complete bargain! Photos of those items to come in a later post. It was a really nice event, with a cute little table for tea and cakes, and a vintage-style photobooth for anyone brave enough to get their picture taken.

Are there any good vintage fairs in your area? If so, whereabouts? I love them so much I would pretty much travel anywhere! Hope everyone has had a lovely week.


  1. I love anything vintage:) We don't have any vintage fairs in my hometown, but I'll definitely have to do some research and see if they have any in the city I go to college. great post!


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