the dream bag

I bought this beautiful bag on holiday, and mentioned it in my most recent haul video which you can watch by clicking this cheeky little link. 

It is certainly my new love interest (who needs men when you can have pretty handbags), and I'm a bit obsessed with it. I bought it for around $250 in the Bahamas, and although at the time I was very cross with myself for indulging in such luxury, I've since become at ease with my excessive self. 

It's the Dooney & Bourke Dillen Shopper, and this brand is huge in the US but hardly mentioned here in the UK. In a way, I quite like that because it makes mine extra special! It's bright red on the inside, which makes me super happy as it's my favourite colour, and has nice chunky zips and hardware. I love me a chunky zip. That sounded pervier than I intended. 

The quality of the leather is also really high, and I like that the textures of the tan and the black are different - I think it adds character. All in all, a lovely bag and certainly worth the extra pennies!

Do you have an accessory which is now your pride and joy?


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