bourjois rouge edition lipsticks - peche cosy, fraise remix, violine stras

I haven't done a beauty post in ages, and thought it was a few time I put in my two cents on a few bits! I saw these Bourjois lipsticks in Boots a while ago and for some reason I walked past them, but I was mooching around the other day and the colours were just so pretty, and the consistency looked pretty good too so I grabbed a few.

The first thing I love about these lipsticks are the names. They're so pretty and French and it makes me so inclined to go for a lippie when it has a nice name (probably why I'm such a sucker for MAC lipsticks, whoops). I picked up Peche Cosy 03, Fraise Remix 11 and Violine Stras 18. They last a good couple of hours before they need reapplying, and the colour fades gradually rather than in patches which always a bonus.

Peche Cosy is the peachy nude that I've been searching for my whole life. I really don't suit brown toned nudes, they're too close to my skin colour and make me look like I have foundation lips. Because I'm olive skinned, I usually go for coral based lippies anyway, and this is just the perfect everyday colour, especially for spring. I wore this today with MAC Style as a blush, and they are a match made in heaven. If I had a favourite out of these colours it would probably be this one, as it's just so versatile and I think it's going to be a make-up bag staple from now on. 

Fraise Remix is such a cheeky little colour. I've mentioned many a time that I go for coral lipsticks but this is a little brighter than the average. This colour is gorgeous, and perfect for when you have a nice tan in summer. This will be my go to colour for beach days for sure. 

Plum is a colour that makes me a tiny bit nervous. I'm always a bit nervous of it because my hair is so dark, but Violine Stras comes out beautifully. It's not as dark as it looks by any means,  but it's still being pigmented and long lasting. I would recommend a lip liner as like any dark colour, it can bleed a little. This is a lippie that I'm really looking forward to reaching for on a night out! 

My only criticism is the packaging. I just think it looks a little cheap, but for a budget brand I'm perfectly happy as it was really reasonably priced and the quality of the product is good enough to make up for the unexciting casing.

Have you tried these lipsticks before? If so, let me know what you thought!


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