my little life: birthday and frieda's tearoom

I'll start by apologising for yet another long absence. I've been stuck in a bit of a rut lately, and that combined with lots of work has meant that I've been off the blogging radar. I'm on my Easter holidays now which means a well earned break, and I'm now hoping to get my mojo back! 

It was my 20th birthday yesterday which, of course, meant afternoon tea. My parents and I took a trip down to Bournemouth, and we went to a lovely cafe called Frieda's Tearoom. I'd wanted to go to Frieda's for a really long time but had never got the chance, so I was really pleased to finally have a chance to try their famous cream tea. 

Frieda's is a tiny place, with an endearing vintage style and a modern twist. It's charming and quaint, and everything I'd want when having a classy cuppa! The cream tea was incredible; arguably the best I've ever had. I didn't get the chance to try their lunch time treats but it's a great excuse to go back. If you're ever in the Bournemouth area I'd hugely recommend paying them a visit - everyone in there is absolutely lovely and it's just such an intimate and cosy place to be!

Onto other news, I'm not sure if you noticed, but the quality of my photos is significantly better than before. That's right, I got a new camera. I was lucky enough to get the Canon 600D for my birthday, and I'm enjoying using it so much. It came with a remote control which is going to make outfit posts so much easier, and the amazing HD video quality will also allow me to film more often. I did try to do one today but I was just so awkward - it takes more confidence than you'd think! 

I'll definitely be doing a video in the next few days though, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Also, I'm planning on moving over to Bloglovin' permanently, so please do give me a follow by clicking here!


  1. Happy 20th birthday! Mine was last week (25th). It looks like you enjoyed yourself. I'm super jealous of the new camera btw the way lol :)
    x Kashara


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