my little life: super cheesy quesadillas

I don't usually post recipes on here, but I cooked this for my dinner the other day and it was lush. I thought I'd treat you all to a quick and easy way to stave off the Saturday night munchies. I'm a massive fan of Mexican food, it's so cheesy and naughty and yummy, but this is a fairly healthy snack that can be turned into a main course easily.

You will need: 

1 red onion
2 mushrooms
1/2 avocado
2 corn tortillas 
2 rashers of bacon
2 tbsp of Philadelphia cream cheese
+ as much cheddar as you want

1. Chop up your red onion, 'shrooms and avocado.

2. Stick your bacon under the grill and leave to cook away whilst you fry off the onions and the mushrooms in a little oil. When that's finished, add the avocado. 

3.  When the bacon is done, cut up into bite sized pieces and chuck in with the mixture (don't you just love my technical cooking terminology?)

  4. Add in the Philadelphia and stir in until it's all melty.

5. In a new pan with a tiny bit of oil, pop in a tortilla and fry for a minute. Then spread your mixture across the tortilla and bring on the cheesy goodness. As you can see, I went slightly overboard.

6. Put the second tortilla on top and flip the whole lot over in the pan. Be warned, this does take a fair bit of care and skill, just like flipping a pancake... I'm still hopeless at that so I think this was a fluke.

7. Cut into quarters, and voila! A delightfully scrumdidlyumptious dinner. Serve with a spinach salad, mayo and salsa.

I'm thinking of doing more recipe posts in the future, so let me know what you think!


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