We'll Always Have.. Provence?

I hope you picked up on the film reference in the title. If you didn't go and grab a copy of Casablanca right this minute! 

After my month at Company, I realised I had a little free time to fill before I go back to university. That being the case, I decided to book a last minute flight and hop over to Provence, where I stayed with my best friend and her family at their beautiful place in the South Of France. It was so lovely of them to put up with me for a few days, I truly had the nicest time. 

I'd not been to Provence before, but I have never felt so relaxed and zen in my entire life. There's just something about being somewhere so quiet that really helps you wind down. Lovely, lovely. 

I think the best part of the trip was cruising around in a classic Ford Cortina for the morning. I absolutely love vintage cars, (and have always thought I'd look pretty fresh behind the wheel of a convertible 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air), so this was a huge thrill for me. I also loved cycling down to the lake you see in the first picture. I hadn't ridden a bike in maybe 8 years, but it was honestly so worth the awkward wobbling/nearly falling to my death for a few miles. Such a stunning view. It really is the little things in life. 

I hope you enjoy my holiday snaps. I was pretty pleased with some of these given they were taken on my iPhone, so let me know your thoughts!

Au revoir!


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