schoolgirly smart casj

jacket: primark / blouse: topshop (old) / shorts: asos / shoes: asos / bag: zara / necklace: new look / sunglasses: h&m

Excuse my extreme pyramid hair in this post - it hadn't quite dried and therefore looks a bit silly! I really like this outfit, even if I do look like a 10-year-old in school uniform and mummy's heels, which didn't even get worn in the end as I was too frightened of the pain. I popped into London yesterday evening for a couple of fashion related meetings for the online magazine that I work for, Pebblezine (it's wonderful so have a peek), and this is what I decided on as suitable attire. 

I'm going to be honest, I was cold. It was a deceptively sunny day so only wore a coat but a scarf, hat and gloves would've been great, especially when your train is delayed for an hour! I got most of the bits and pieces in the outfit from various January sales; the bag is my personal favourite, ZARA for only £20 and it's leather too. It's a little on the small size in comparison to most of my handbags, which are more like potato sacks than anything else, but it's really nice if you're planning to travel light. Plus, the shoes and blazer were both under a tenner so I think I did pretty well out of this year's sales (and yes, you can call me the bargain hunter). 

What sort out outfits do you go for when you're going for smart-casj?


  1. Just followed your blog - I LOVE THIS LOOK!! You're so beautiful too! :)

  2. Love your blog, would you like to follow eachother on Bloglovin and GFC??

    Let me know and will follow straight back,



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