my new favourite: gucci premiere by gucci

Firstly, congratulations to Sara from Beauty Lust who won my Benefit giveaway! Thank you to all of you who entered, it was lovely reading all your comments. Keep your eyes peeled as another giveaway is coming soon!

It's been a while since I posted, I've been busy revising for exams etc! I thought I'd share my favourite Christmas present, and my new favourite scent. I used to be a die hard Miss Dior Cherie fan, but have been really disappointed since they re-branded and now it smells really different to me. I do still love the eau de toilette, but the new parfum is just really overwhelming so I was desperate for a change. 

I'd seen the advert for Gucci Premiere and quite fancied trying it out, and when I gave it a sniff I was completely sold. As bizarre as it sounds, I like quite masculine perfumes (I pinch my dad's Paco Rabanne One Million all the time), and usually go for woody notes rather than girly floral ones, so this was perfect for me. Gucci says that Gucci Premiere was inspired by Hollywood glamour, and fronted by a modern icon; the gorgeous Blake Lively (and yes, I do like to think I look like her when I spray it on). At first I wasn't sure on the packaging, but it's definitely grown on me. The bottle is coated in gold foil and has the signature Gucci charm on it, but it's translucent so quite unusual but classic Gucci at the same time. Mine came in a gift set so I got body lotion and an atomiser, so now I can smell lush wherever I go!

What's your favourite perfume? Have you tried out Gucci Premiere? 


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