black, white & striped

Dress: H&M / Shoes: Urban Outfitters / Earrings: Topshop / Rings: ASOS / Watch: Citizen
I'm always phobic of anything in a skater or smock style, especially when it has a bold print. Being as short as I am, there is huge potential for me to come out looking like a lampshade, but I think I might have actually found one that works for me! Black and white striped and suitable for the vertically challenged, this little H&M number ended up in my basket accidentally on purpose a couple of weeks ago.

Stripes are either super flattering or look completely horrendous on me,but the vertical stripes on the skirt are great as they give the illusion that I'm marginally taller than I actually am. Also, the little cut out at the back makes this lovely for when the weather warms up a little. For £12.99, it's a pretty good deal for something I'll get lots of wear out of, and I quite fancy it with a pair of coral platforms and a matching clutch to dress it up for evening.

In other news, I've just got Tumblr, as if I needed something else to procrastinate with. I'm not following anyone on there yet, so please give me a follow here and leave a link so I can do the same!


  1. i loveeeeee this dress! black and white nd stripes are probably my favorite. it looks so flattering on you too! new follower :) xx

  2. this dress is so pretty, lovely blog hun x


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