inglot freedom system palette in #35, #428 & #321

I had been after a navy palette for a while, so whilst shopping in Westfield the other day, I decided to check out the the Inglot store. I had never tried Inglot cosmetics before, but thought it was about time I did as I had heard so much about their Freedom Palette System. The system allows you to purchase a base, and then choose the colours you want yourself, similar to the MAC palettes.

I had originally wanted a navy and neutrals palette, similar to the Bobbi Brown one, but once I saw the white shadow which was so similar to MAC's Vanilla pigment, I couldn't resist the pretty shimmer!

I decided to go for a three shadow palette. I had originally intended to go for five, but I just thought these three shades suited each other the best, and I decided to test them out before going for a larger selection.

The brilliant thing about these is if you do decide to expand your collection, all you need to do is buy a bigger palette. There's also no need to replace the entire palette if you just run out of one colour, which is always a huge help.

The shades are incredibly reasonably priced at only £4.50 per shade. The base was £5, and therefore this lovely bunch was only £18.50. When you think that the same thing in MAC would cost you over £30, it's most certainly a great alternative.

The first thing that struck me was how large the eyeshadows are. They'll last you a lifetime, and they're very well pressed so there's minimal product wastage. They're incredibly pigmented and remind me of the Illamasqua Powder Eyeshadows in terms of quality.

The colours I went for were #35 - the pearl white shade, #428 - the pearl royal blue and #321 - a matt navy blue, which actually has a very slight shimmer. I had initially intended to buy MAC Deep Truth and Contrast, but these were so incredibly similar that I decided that for half the price, I could be persuaded to buy elsewhere.

My only criticism of the Inglot shades is that they don't have names, which means they're not particularly memorable. You have to be sure to write down the numbers of the colours, as it's a right old faff to try and get them out of the palette again since they're magnetic!

All in all, I think this system is incredibly good if you like to keep your shadows in one place and purchase colours that compliment each other. I also liked the fact that the palette had a pretty useful mirror, making it great if you're going out in the evening and need to touch up. Overall, a whopping 4/5 for me! Lovely jubbly.

Have you tried Inglot Cosmetics before? What should I pick up next time?


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