I Bought Instant Print Business Cards... Am I A Grown Up Yet?

Instant Print Unlaminated Double Sided Cards - £7 +p&p 

I bought business cards. Does that mean I have to pretend to be an adult now?

I recently finished an internship with the wonderful Company magazine (which was amazing, FYI), and suddenly realised that I had no simple way to give my details to people I meet through career related experiences.

I headed over to instant print and created some big girl business cards that I thought suited my style, and also relayed the most important three contact details I have - my number, my email address, and my Twitter handle.. Obviously.

As a rule, I like to keep things pretty clean and minimal design wise, so I decided that an elaborate pattern just wasn't for me. I chose simple fonts, created some social media icons and played around with my ideas on Photoshop.

I loved that it was so easy to upload your own design, which was what I wanted to do from the word go. I decided to throw in an accent colour to make them a little bit brighter, and went for noticeable coral-toned red for the back so there was no chance of people losing them. Sneaky business tactic? Maybe not..

I'm a huge fan of my new cards - what sort of design would you opt for?


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