new year's eve nail tutorial: andrea fulerton glamorous nails kit

Happy New Year's Eve Eve everyone! I'm trying to sound excited about it, but I'm just not. New Year is usually overrated, and no-one does anything so you end up sitting at home sulking because you're not at an overpriced club somewhere. If you're a miserable git like me, then here's how to make your nails look pretty to cheer yourself up. 

I got this wonderful little Andrea Fulerton nail kit from my boyfriend's sister (thanks Emma!), and although I've tried both Ciate's nail caviar kit and the MUA equivalent, I've not really seen one with little diamonds before. Here's what I've come up with as an understated but effective way to make your nails delightfully sparkly for when you see in the New Year (they will also match your new LBD very nicely). 

001. Paint your nails in your base colour. I can't seem to stop using Nails Inc. Motcomb Street at the moment. I personally think that darker colours or reds look classier for things like NYE, but go for whatever takes your fancy.

002. After the base colour is dry, choose your accent nail. Use a small amount of the clear topcoat provided around the base of the nail, and leave for 5-10 seconds so that the nail varnish is tacky. 

003. Pick four diamonds from the pot, and carefully drop them on the nail one by one as close to the cuticle as you can and give them a little press down so they're secure.

004. Leave for 10 minutes to dry properly. Then finally, slick a layer of your favourite top coat over all of your nails for a super shiny finish. 

Et voila! Very simple and easily achievable party nails, for wherever you're spending your NYE (in my case, in a restaurant, then an ice rink, then probably in my living room getting drunk and sulking). I might finish mine with a coat of Models Own Ibiza Mix later for a bit of extra sparkle, so keep an eye on my Instagram because I'll pop a picture on there if I do.

Where are you spending your New Year's Eve?


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